How This New Electrical Code Could Affect You

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Each year thousands of lives are put at risk and even lost due to fires in the homes. These disasters also cause severe damage to properties, resulting in substantial financial losses.

While insurance may cover the bulk of the disaster and help families get back on their feet, there may be valued possessions with sentimental value that cannot get replaced with money.

Therefore, to enhance people’s safety and increase appliance and property protection from fire hazards, the authorities in Canada have adopted new residential codes.

The new codes require arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCI) for lights and plugs in bedrooms, which act as a circuit breaker and detect electrical arcs caused by loose wire connections. In addition, smoke detectors are now required in all bedrooms and must all be interconnected.

It means the end-user will have to comply with the latest codes for new builds and major renovation work. Unfortunately, these new regulations will increase material costs, which will have to be factored in when setting a project budget.

However, while the material costs may be higher, you cannot put a price on people’s lives. Therefore, you should always have trade work done by licensed and capable professionals that stay updated with the latest code changes.

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